We believe we should offer every client the opportunity to hire the best talent in the Chicago marketplace.

We Listen. Our process ideally begins by visiting the key decision-makers at our clients' headquarters so we can ensure that each search is set up for success. We dig into the technical skills required and gain a more thorough understanding of soft skills, culture, management styles, and other nuances unique to your organization. We will consult you on pricing the opportunity competitively to further ensure your chances of attracting the hidden, elite talent in the marketplace

We Screen. We understand that we are only as good as the candidates we present to you. Therefore, every candidate we represent has passed our comprehensive face-to-face interview in which motivations are identified, strengths and weaknesses are assessed, and a wish list is defined. A trusting, long-term relationship is grounded by this meeting and our candidates understand that it is an investment of their time and ours in a career relationship.

We Source and Recommend. Our recruiters consider themselves to be "professional networkers” as networking and personal referrals are part of our extended resources. We understand that every client opportunity has a unique set of hiring requirements and our team works collectively to recommend the most qualified candidate.

We Facilitate. We play a critical role in managing expectations during the hiring process. Before meeting with clients, our staff provides each one of our candidates with detailed job descriptions, organizational charts and our impression of the culture, environment, and growth potential. We thoroughly discuss salary requirements to ensure that motivations for considering the opportunity are appropriate. We take direction from clients to help position our candidates for success. Our recruiters closely observe the interview process, soliciting feedback from both sides to ascertain if all needs are being fulfilled. References and degrees are checked, and salary and benefits are negotiated. During this time, we will also gain valuable insight from our candidates regarding competitive offers and potential counter-offers. We'll never waste your time and you'll never lose our confidence.

We Follow-up. Once there is a successful match--our job is just beginning. To ensure a smooth transition, each of our recruiters has a fully vested interest in staying in touch well beyond the start date. We gather feedback from both the hiring manager and the candidate and can be a sound resource to act as a "go between" in the event any challenges arise. After a successful match has been made, we will continue to communicate and cultivate a relationship over a period of years to come.

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